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How Bad Can Personal Injury Get?

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There are a lot of stories that are on the internet these days about situations that are so horrible, they’re almost ridiculous. They become almost urban legends – that accident at the mall, that car accident footage that happened on a highway thousands of miles away from you – that make you feel better because it wasn’t you.

You never think it can be that bad until it happens to you and realize that it is much, much worse.

What news segments can’t tell you about accidents that happen to people but an Oceanside Medical Malpractice Lawyer can are that the injuries that victims have to not only suffer through but also live with. Accidents that warrant legal action are more than just little incidents like forgetting the last step at the bottom of a stairwell but rather, these are accidents that have debilitating consequences. Some people can get that a bit confused.

On the website of the Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser, personal injury is but the legal jargon that is used to describe an incident made through negligent action of a third party that resulted into the injury of the complainant. The injury may be physical, emotional, or mental in nature. Something that quite a lot of people aren’t aware of is that mental injury – psychological issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder as well as severe clinical depression – can make work practically impossible. And so if an accident caused any or all of these injuries, there must be justice and compensation done for the victim.

These cases are quite personalized due to the individual nature of each case. Not a single personal injury case is the same due to the infinite varying factors that need to be considered. That is why it is then recommended that the help of an experienced legal professional is sought out at the first possible availability in order to be guided intelligently into make the best legal decisions possible.

Types of Bank Fraud

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Bank fraud is a type of crime wherein a person or an institution obtains money, assets, or properties (from another person or institution) through illegal means. Federal law legally defines bank fraud as any form of execution, or attempt to execute a scheme or artifice that is intended “to defraud a financial institution or to obtain any of the moneys, funds, credits, assets, securities, or other property owned by, or under the custody or control of, a financial institution, by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises” ( Those convicted of this criminal act will face up to 30 years imprisonment or be required to pay up to $1,000,000 fine, or both.

A financial institution, according to federal law, may refer to any federally insured credit union or bank, such as a mortgage lending business, a federal reserve bank, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and any other institution where one can deposit his or her money and assets.

Fraud is an intelligently planned criminal act. A fraudster can use your name and your other personal information for whatever purpose they intend to, including gaining access your bank account, renting an apartment, making purchases (especially online purchases), getting a job, obtaining loans, and getting medical services. To be able to convict a person being accused of fraud, however, it will have to be proven that the accused or defendant was aware that he or she was making a false representation in order to obtain something of value; otherwise, the defendant can be cleared of the allegations made against him or her.

Bank fraud can be committed through lots of different ways, like stealing checks, forgery and altered checks, check kiting, booster checks, accounting fraud, rogue traders, fraudulent loans, wire transfer fraud, bill discounting fraud, payment card fraud, stolen payment cards, skimming or duplication or of card information, empty ATM envelope deposits, money laundering, and so forth.

Checks in mailboxes, post offices or office mailrooms are often the easiest targets of fraudsters. After obtaining a check, a fraudster can use the information on it to either create a new check that would draw on the same account or open a new account, both under his or her own name.

A criminal defense lawyer knows that a bank fraud conviction can threaten a defendant’s freedom, ruin his or her career and put his or her family at risk of severe hardship. And, though the American justice system assures suspected criminals of a fair and unbiased trial process, it is entirely possible that an innocent individual be charged with a crime that he or she did not commit.

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Car Accidents and their Consequences

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If you have ever been in a car, you know that feeling – a smooth ride and then, suddenly, comes the unsuspected jerk from your seat. It’s a split second of fear, that single bounce with a sound of a person suddenly colliding with leather, and you almost swear that you felt your heart skip a beat. It is because danger is imminent. It is because damage is possible. It is because if you exist in this century, at this day and age, and with all of these new innovations in the world – it is more than statistically probable that you, at least once in some point in your life, will experience a motor vehicle related accident.

Perhaps the accident can be something small, such as an accidental scratch on a door that will result into a paint job or perhaps a few minimal repairs. In the end, there is no real harm done but to, perhaps, your pride and vanity. That’s fine. But some motor vehicle related accidents can be life-altering in the worst way. It can be a motorbike or a car or even an eighteen wheeler truck – any accident involving a motor vehicle that causes personal injury is bound to be traumatic and expensive in ways that far transcend the word’s meaning.

The website of the John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers gives evidence that a car accident can affect every aspect of not only the victim’s life – but also the lives of the victim’s friends and family as well. A car accident can mean serious injuries such as that of spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, bone fractures, et cetera. Not only that, but the experience can also cause psychological trauma that results in post-traumatic stress disorder. The expenses for such conditions can be costly – both financially and emotionally. If the victim injured in the accident was the primary source of income then the income of an entire household is affected, severely threatening their financial security and stability. These, however, can be claimed as compensation from the guilty party through legal means.

That is why if you or someone you know has been in a car accident, it is of the utmost importance that legal services are contacted immediately.

INFUSE Plaintiffs Prevail in Appeals

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Medtronic can no longer refer to the federal law preemption to bail them out of trouble for the alleged off-label marketing of their INFUSE Bone Graft product which resulted in serious injury to numerous plaintiffs; at least, not in some cases. A review by the Court of Special Appeals in Maryland concluded that based on the Medical Device Amendments Act of 1976 because the conduct of the defendant was in violation of state law.

This was major source of relief for INFUSE victims who are looking to get compensation from the manufacturer, especially for one patient who became debilitated after having INFUSE surgery to relieve chronic back pain. The surgery was done in 2008 and the patient has since needed revision surgery to address the problem of bony overgrowth.

The website of Ritter and Associates says that many lawsuits against product manufacturers are filed when the product doesn’t perform as it should. In the case of Medtronic, this happens with the off-label use of the INFUSE Bone Graft, which plaintiffs allege are with the full knowledge and even encouragement of the company. In the case detailed above, a Medtronic representative was present at the time of the surgery and was actually named in the lawsuit, along with the doctor who performed the surgery allegedly using an INFUSE cage that did not have FDA approval and an incorrect approach.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 2002 approval for the use of INFUSE was based on a strict criteria precisely because the side effects with unapproved and improper use of the product outweighed any benefits it may have for the patient. The product is designed to encourage bone growth with the use of a synthetic protein, but when applied in the wrong place or overly-stimulated can result in serious harm to the patient.

If you have been seriously injured as result of using INFUSE Bone Graft or any medical device, you may have recourse under the law. Consult with a personal injury lawyer and find out more about your legal options.

Truck Accident Statistics in Delaware

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Truck accidents are not as common in Delaware as it is in other states, although there was one accident in mid-2014 where three trucks were involved in a chain crash resulting in the death of the third truck driver. While not so common, any accident involving a large truck can have potentially dire consequences especially if the other vehicle is a smaller one.

In general, motorists know better than to tangle with large trucks on the highway because their weight makes it hard for them to stop, their size makes them less maneuverable than smaller vehicles, and they have huge no-zones where smaller cars simply disappear from view. But as pointed out on the website of Morris James LLP, sometimes truck drivers are less than conscientious about ensuring the safety of others by driving beyond the allowed hours-of-service, distracted, or impaired, so even if a motorist is cautious, there’s no avoiding a large truck that plows right into you.

The latest truck accident statistics for Delaware are from 2012, and it appears to be a steady trend. In 2012, there were 1,202 traffic accidents involving large trucks, with 11 fatalities and 386 injuries. This is identical for 2011, except for injuries which was 349. Overall in the US, the trend is downward, where the number of fatalities and injuries are decreasing. This is good news, except that statistics don’t really paint the true story about what happens after.

Truck accidents usually result in horrific injuries, mostly because trucks often travel at high speeds and their weight make them particularly deadly to other motorists. Additionally, most trucks transport goods and some of them are chemicals that can add to the hazards that impinge on accident victims as well as surrounding areas. At the very least, it means several days in a hospital, and most commonly means long recuperation.

If you have been seriously injured in a negligent truck accident, you will probably need to get compensation from the responsible party. Contact a truck accident lawyer in Delaware to help you get through this crisis.

Benicar Lawsuits on the Rise

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Since the first two Benicar lawsuits were filed in early February 2014, more people have come forward to lodge a complaint, at least nine of which were filed and remain in the Superior Court of New Jersey instead of being transferred to federal court. All the cases have one thing in common: they allege that Daiichi Sankyo and Forest Laboratories breached their duty of care to consumers by failing to warn them about the dangers of prolonged use of Benicar.

Benicar is the brand name for olmesartan medoxomil, a formulation developed by Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo for the management of hypertension. When it was first brought to the US market in 2002, it was being lauded by Sankyo and its co-promoter Forest Labs as safe and efficacious in an aggressive marketing campaign that attracted the displeasure of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on more than one occasion for making statements that could not be substantiated.

But Benicar really became a subject of serious concern when a report published in a 2012 issue of the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings strongly suggested a causal link between Benicar and a gastrointestinal condition called sprue-like enteropathy. This presented almost identically as the immunological disorder celiac sprue (aka celiac disease) which was characterized by intolerance to gluten, a protein present in wheat, rye, and barley. It manifested as chronic diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, malnutrition and weight loss and eventually resolving into villous atrophy.

Its doppelganger exhibited the same symptoms but did not originate from the same cause and thus could not be managed the same way, which was to eliminate gluten entirely from the diet. It took quite a long time for doctors to realize that a common denominator in the sufferers of this mysterious ailment was Benicar; when it was discontinued, the symptoms disappeared. However, for many long-time users of the drug, the discovery came too late. According to, many of the injuries are severe and the damage irreversible. Among these are plaintiffs that have since filed civil cases against Sankyo and Forest Labs.

If you have been similarly affected, express your concerns with your attending physician and ask for possible alternatives. You should also consult with a Benicar lawyer in your area to discuss your legal rights and options.

What is Feng Shui?

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that promotes harmony with the environment. The term has been kind of separated from its origins. For most modern humans, feng shui refers to the color and layout of furniture in a room. The goal is to have a room that is abundant in positive energy.

feng shui

While “positive energy” sounds like hokey new age mumbo jumbo, there are actually numerous sensible benefits to following the practices of this old philosophy. For starters, the way the energy flows through a room can manifest itself as simply having a room that is uncluttered and navigable.

It is known in psychology that an environment’s colors can have an effect on the moods of its inhabitants. Feng shui teaches the same about the use color. Certain colors should be prevalent depending on what the space is used for.

Feng shui is a complex art whose mastery calls for a lot of study. With dedication, you too can learn to design spaces that are inviting and personal.

Acne: Types, Cause and Treatment

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Individuals bothered by acne usually contend themselves with a daily dosage of pills and the application of creams which they hope will finally cure this facial skin disease that is very common among Americans, especially teens. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) confirms the fact that acne (scientifically referred to as acne “vulgaris” or acne “of the common type”) is, indeed, a very common teen woe; it usually affects person who are in the adolescence stage, though adults too can be affected by it.

Acne can grow on the face, neck, shoulders, chest, upper arms and on the back. Teens are most prone to it due to hormonal changes, which are effects of puberty. But while others outgrow acne completely after their teenage years, there are those who continue to struggle with it, suffering even from severe facial scars in some instances.

Acne develops when the skin pores or hair follicles become clogged with too much sebum and dead skin cells. Sebum is the oil produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands (or oil glands); it serves to lubricate the skin and hair. Clogged pores can be inhabited by bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes. Once trapped in the pores, these bacteria tend to multiply and cause swelling, redness and the beginning of acne.

Failure to treat acne correctly can lead to scarring, which may be considered a double sentence: first, for having to suffer from its presence; and, second, after it heals, it leaves scars – reminders of their once dreaded presence.

There are different forms of acne, such as:

  • Mild acne, which appears in the form of  whiteheads or blackheads
  • Moderate acne, such as the papules or red inflamed pimples and the pustules, which are red pimples that have white centers
  • Severe acne, which are painful, pus-filled lumps or cysts that cause nodules (small swellings) under the skin

The scars left by severe types of acne are more serious and are usually permanent. Thus, it is important to consult a dermatologist or a doctor for treatment to prevent acne from becoming severe. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacials can be an effective treatment for acne, especially acne that has become immune to traditional treatment methods, like benzoyl peroxide and oral antibiotics.

The effects of IPL photofacials can last from months to years (depending on the patient’s response to the procedure). Treatments, which may be between five to six times are interspersed from one session to another; it can be two sessions in a week or once every two weeks.

About Residential Gas Explosions

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Headlines are usually reserved for industrial gas explosions because they are often more devastating in terms of cost to property and human lives. But while the more mundane residential gas explosions are less catastrophic, they are ultimately more disturbing because people don’t expect to be in danger when they are at home. Those injured in an explosion in the home don’t immediately realize what happened. Oftentimes, injuries are sustained by completely innocent bystanders in the event of an accidental explosion. In these cases, another party’s negligence is to blame. Those working in this industry are well aware of the risks associated with gas lines as well as the safety precautions that must be followed.

This is what happened to an elderly couple in when an improperly placed regulator and meter assembly over-pressurized, causing gas to leak and an explosion to occur a few hours after. Investigation revealed that the accident could have been prevented if federal regulations on gas utility safety had been observed.

In another incident, two tenements in East Harlem were leveled when a leak in the 127 year old natural gas cast-iron pipeline servicing the area sprung a leak, which was eventually set off to kill 8 people, injure at least 60 others, and leave more than 100 residents in nearby areas homeless. According to a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, finding out who should be held liable for the incident can be highly complex. Investigations into the incident revealed that the residents had complained about the smell of gas some time before the explosion, and that the pipes were long-overdue for repair or replacement.

Residential gas pipelines service most homes in the US, and the lack of regular maintenance and inspection is the most common cause of dangerous leaks. Other causes of residential gas explosions can be traced to defective gas appliances and improper storage of gas tanks.

Texas has been lucky when it comes to residential gas explosions; the last recorded occurred in 1937. However, it has more than made up for it in industrial explosions, although the transformer explosions in Fort Worth were apparently caused by lightning rather than human errors.

Insurance Bad Faith in Texas a Big No-No

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Texas goes big in everything, and that applies to how the state frowns on insurers who do not act in good faith. State regulations exist to protect the rights of insurance policyholders when they make a claim. This is embodied in Texas Insurance Code as the Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act (§ 542) and covers:

  • Misrepresentation of policy facts and provisions
  • Unreasonable delay in acknowledging a claim
  • Failing to have and implement prompt claim investigation procedures
  • Denial of fair and prompt settlement of legitimate claims
  • Forcing a policy owner to file a lawsuit in order to recover the amount due under a policy’s terms
  • Failing to maintain complete records of complaints
  • Any practice or act determined by the commissioner to constitute unfair claim settlement

According to the website of law firm Smith Kendall PLLC in Dallas, when an insurance company acts in bad faith, it is not only a violation of the law but of the trust that policyholders place on them that when the time comes, they will be there to honor their contract. Insurance is primarily a business built on trust, so when a company betrays that trust, it is actually a bad business move.

Insurance companies that are found to act in bad faith may have their license suspended or revoked and the department may impose limits, regulations and control over the company’s business activities. The state department may also impose other sanctions as deemed applicable or enforce a cease and desist order.

Aside from government sanctions, policyholders may also file a lawsuit against the company for insurance bad faith, and recover not only the amount due in the first place, but interest on that amount as well as legal fees. If you believe that your insurer is acting in bad faith over your claim, contact an insurance bad faith lawyer in your area and present your case for assessment and appropriate action.